28 hurt as school bus crashes (2)

27 kids and driver

(ANSA) - Mantua, January 8 - Twenty-seven children and a driver were hurt when a school bus with 28 kids on board - and not 50 as originally reported - veered off the road near Mantua Monday.
    Six of the kids have already arrived at the ER in Mantua, three in code yellow and three in code red - although their injuries are not said to be serious.
    The driver, who reportedly had a bad turn, and a girl with concussion were taken by helicopter to the hospital in Brescia.
    Neither is in a life-threatening condition. The other 20 injured children, not in a serious condition, are being treated at a field hospital. The accident took place on the former Padana inferiore state highway between Castellucchio and Ospitaletto.
    The bus was carrying pupils from elementary and middle schools at Castelvecchio, who were coming home from school. According to early reports, the vehicle veered and ended up off the road after the driver had the bad turn, possibly due to a heart attack. The bus listed over onto its side.