Stone hits car, woman dies of shock (4)

Near Milan

(ANSA) - Milan, November 10 - A 62-year-old woman died of cardiac arrest caused by shock after a cement stone hit the car she was riding in along with four other people near Cernusco sul Naviglio near Milan just before midnight Thursday. The stone was thrown by person or persons unknown from an embankment beside the provincial highway 121, and smashed through the car's windshield. The woman immediately had a bad turn and then suffered cardiac arrest, police said. Carabinieri are investigating.
    The woman was named as Nilde Caldarini.
    She had been returning from a religious trip at Pontirolo Nuovo near Bergamo to her home in Cernusco sul Naviglio.
    The embankment, about five metres high, runs alongside the road.
    According to residents it was built recently to protect a dozen new condos.
    Police said it was highly unlikely that the stone fell by itself.