Fix whole Rome sewer system - Raggi

Rome hit hard by flooding

(ANSA) - Rome, September 11 - Rome's entire sewer system needs to be fixed, Mayor Virginia Raggi said Monday a day after severe flooding in several parts of the Italian capital due to heavy rains.
    "The whole system needs to be done up," said Raggi, who critics say has not done enough to upgrade Roman infrastructure.
    Raggi rebutted criticism that Rome was not ready for the storms, saying the tonnes of water dumped on the capital by so-called 'water bombs' "was an exceptional, extraordinary event".
    Several subway stations had to be closed Sunday due to flooding and cars and basements were flooded in many parts of the city.
    City hall advised residents to restrict their movements as much as possible.
    Lazio's home game against AC Milan was postponed by an hour because of the torrential rain.