Torre del Greco mayor arrested (2)

Accused of bid-rigging in trash management

(ANSA) - Rome, August 7 - The mayor of the town of Torre del Greco, near Naples, was among six people arrested by finance police on Monday in relation to a corruption probe. Mayor Ciro Borriello is accused of bid rigging and use of slush funds.
    He allegedly helped a major trash company, F.lli Balsamo S.r.l, in public tender competitions at the expense of other companies. Borriello, 60, was re-elected mayor of the town in June 2014 at the head of a centre-right coalition, having previously served in the post between 1007 and 2012.
    "Let's wait to find out that the accusations against our mayor are," said Deputy Mayor Romina Stilo.
    "We have full confidence in the work of the judiciary but, at the same time, we know how honestly Ciro Borriello has done his job since being elected three years ago". Several opposition councillors quit following Monday's developments and called on the rest of the council to do the same.