Women scared of rape at Mineo CARA (2)

After string of cases

(ANSA) - Catania, May 25 - Women in the bustling asylum-seeker reception centre (CARA) at Mineo in Sicily are afraid of being raped after a string of cases, Caltagirone prosecutor Giuseppe Verzera told ANSA Thursday. "The arrest of a Pakistani a few days ago for sexual violence committed against a Nigerian woman is the umpteenth confirmation that the facility, which currently hosts around 3,500 migrants, is unmanageable and a serious problem for public order," he said, citing the "numerous cases of abuse registered and not all reported, so much so that there are a lot of women there who live in fear of being raped". The CARA at Mineo near Catania is Europe's biggest migrant centre for asylum seekers. It has seen a string of protests by migrants over living conditions in the past.