Man held for pro-ISIS propaganda (2)

Brother notified of expulsion order

(ANSA) - Bari, May 19 - A 34-year-old resident of the southern city of Foggia has been taken to jail as part of an anti-terrorism operation coordinated by Bari investigators, sources said Friday. Kamel Sadeaoui, who is of Tunisian origin, is suspected of pro-ISIS propaganda on the Internet and illegal possession of weapons. His 32-year-old brother was tracked down and expelled from Italy on May 13. A Bari police statement said the operation was aimed at "preventing and weakening the phenomenon of the so-called lone wolves inspired by Daesh".
    Sadeaoui, who was detained on May 5, allegedly used "sophisticated web-monitoring techniques" for "Islamic State propaganda activities via the publication of videos and posts on Facebook exalting the actions carried out by militants of the terrorist group". He allegedly accompanied propaganda with the slogan "The Islamic State will survive", Bari prosecutors said, adding that in one conversation he praised the terrorist behind the attack on a Berlin Christmas market in December. Statements posted by the brothers allegedly included "destroy the traitor governments", "slit the dogs' throats" and "combat the evil in our country... to bring back Islam's greatness".