Molotov cocktail thrown agst TAP (2)

'Shocking' incident says Confindustria

(ANSA) - Lecce, May 18 - Unknown protesters against the TransAdriatic gas Pipeline (TAP) on Wednesday threw a molotov cocktail into the premises of a firm which has carried out the removal of olive trees at the Puglia stretch of the TAP.
    Some wooden poles were burned at the Mello plant in Lecce, local sources said.
    Business group Confindustria called the incident "shocking" while 'no-TAP' activists said the molotov-throwers had "made a mistake".
    Work at the TAP site has been frequently held up by protests against the removal of the olive trees, even though they will be replanted once the pipeline is laid.
    Territorial Cohesion and Mezzogiorno Minister Claudio De Vincenti voiced "solidarity" with the firm and said the incident was "unacceptable".