Man stabs mother to death, kills self (3)

Moldovan, 23, in Padua

(ANSA) - Padua, May 17 - A 23-year-old Molodovan man stabbed his mother to death and then leaped from their third-storey window to his death in Padua Wednesday. The woman was said to have died from over 20 stab wounds to the throat, chest, abdomen and arms. The man stabbed himself in the throat, side and arms before jumping out the window, sources said.
    A medical team tried and failed to revive the man at the scene.
    The man, named as Veaceslav Malachi, was under house arrest for robbery.
    He had a record of petty crime, starting as a minor six years ago, police said.
    The victim was named as Fedora Malachi, 53, a carer.