Raggi slams 'shameful, sexist' Libero (3)

Renzi And Boschi Aren't 'Sweeping'

(ANSA) - Rome, May 15 - Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi on Monday condemned as "shameful" a "sexist" headline in conservative daily Libero which said "(Democratic Party leader and ex-premier Matteo) Renzi and (Cabinet Secretary Maria Elena) Boschi Aren't Sweeping, using the Italian word that is also slang for having sex. Libero recently called Raggi The Hot Potato in another controversial headline referring to her administration's judicial woes. Libero's latest headline referred to the Democratic Party's sweep-up of Rome trash on Sunday and to the fact that Renzi and Boschi were allegedly too involved in fending off an alleged bank scandal to take part in the clean-up. Boschi has been hit by journalist Ferruccio de Bortoli's assertion in his latest book that she asked former UniCredit CEO Federico Ghizzoni to buy a troubled bank her father was briefly vice president of, Banca Etruria.
    Ghizzoni has said he will tell parliament everything if summoned by a commission of inquiry on the woes of Italy's banking sector about de Bortoli's assertion on Boschi.
    "If I am called, I will speak to the commission of inquiry - in parliament, not to newspapers," Ghizzoni told Monday's edition of La Repubblica. "Obviously, I will respond to all the questions I am asked". There have been opposition calls for Boschi to quit after former Corriere della Sera editor de Bortoli reported in his new book that then-reform minister Boschi spoke to Ghizzoni about the possibility of buying Banca Etruria in 2015.
    Boschi has denied this.
    Ex-premier Renzi said Sunday that Boschi had shown no favouritism. "De Bortoli did a wonderful marketing operation to launch his book," Renzi said.
    "Let's have the commission of inquiry. I want the truth". The Tuscan bank was one of four lenders that went to the wall in 2015, leaving many savers with worthless bonds.
    One Etruria former bond holder, Luigino D'Angelo, killed himself after losing his life savings.
    The other banks were Banca Marche, CariChieti and CariFe.
    They have all since been turned into 'good banks' and taken over by bigger lenders.