Cold days due before sunny weekend

Winds from Russia to bring back winter, experts say

(ANSA) - Rome, March 15 - Temperatures in Italy are set to fall from Tuesday evening as cold winds arrive from Russia bringing rain and snow to mountainous regions, weather experts said.
    Brighter weather is then due to return from Friday, with Palm Sunday expected to be sunny. "Colder winds from Russia will bring the winter back to Italy, particularly in the North," said meteorologist Edoardo Ferrara.
    He added rain showers expected in the north-eastern regions first are likely to spread to the north-western areas.
    Some light snow and sleet are also due to fall in northern areas including around Turin, Ferrara said.
    Between Thursday and Friday some rain showers are expected in central and southern regions, with strong rainfall forecast in Basilicata and Calabria.
    The bad weather is set to clear up during Friday, making way for a sunny weekend.
    Website said dryer weather was due at the weekend, as well as rising temperatures, which could reach more than 15 degrees Celsius, with peaks of 20 degrees Celsius in Sicily. Nevertheless, some bad weather may return in the Easter week, as a low pressure area moves down from northern Europe, according to