Army officer, businessman nabbed

Found in possession of 20 grams of cocaine

(ANSA) - Bologna, February 26 - Carabinieri on Friday arrested an Army officer and his businessman cousin on suspicion of drug dealing. Corporal Valerio Varacalli, 42, and cousin Massimo Bianco, 45, allegedly sold cocaine in night clubs and at private parties involving escorts.
    A search of Varacalli's quarters turned up 20 grams of cocaine and material to cut and package it with.
    Another 14 people including three Army personnel, three businessmen, two nurses, and a Bologna lawyer are under investigation in the case. The probe that began in March 2015 has resulted in two prior arrests. Those suspects were named as D.S., a 60-year-old Bologna businessman, and 45-year-old businessman B.M., who was found in possession of 40 grams of cocaine.