Italy set for freezing weather, snow

Temps to plunge 15 degrees in centre, south

(ANSA) - Rome, January 13 - A cold front from Scandinavia and Siberia are set to bring freezing weather and possibly snow to Italy at the weekend, weather forecasters said on Wednesday.
    The cold air will worsen weather in the Adriatic regions and the south of the country and will be accompanied by rain which could also turn to light snow showers.
    "We will probably reach the peak of this cold wave between Sunday and the start of next week," forecasters from the Epson Meteo centre said.
    They said snow may fall along the Adriatic coast and in the hilly areas of the south.
    They added that temperatures could drop up to 15 degrees Celsius from relatively mild levels in the central and southern regions and about 10 degrees in northern regions.
    Minimum temperatures would fall below zero, particularly in the north, between Sunday and Tuesday.