court sentences 16 mobster to 148 years

Porta Nuova clan sold drugs to crew of reality television

(ANSA) - Palermo, December 1 - Members of a mafia gang who sold drugs on the set of a reality television program about cops and extorted money from producers, were sentenced to a total of 148 years in prison.
    The 16 mobsters, all members of the Porta Nuova clan of the Cosa Nostra in Palermo, were handed sentences ranging from three and a half years in prison up to 20 years on charges of drug trafficking and extortion.
    Court heard the some of the mafiosi were involved in selling drugs on the set of a tv police thriller 'Palermo Anti-Mafia Squad Today'.
    The court heard that the clan carried out dozens of extortions including even the producers of the realistic film about police fighting organised crime.
    Cosa Nostra controlled the restaurant services for the tv production, its transport services and its actors, according to the prosecutor in the trial.