TIM, trade unions reach labour deal

Workers' referendum for accord, Di Maio says

(ANSA) - Rome, June 12 - Trade unions and Telecom Italia (TIM) on Tuesday said they have reached an agreement after the company last month announced it would start using the CIG benefit to temporarily lay off staff.
    Under the agreement, the 12-month lay-off benefits previously planned for 29,736 workers were turned into measures of "defensive solidarity", under which the hours of staff were reduced in order for all workers to keep their job, while 4,500 workers will retire early instead of being laid off, trade unions said.
    The agreement was reached in the night between Monday and Tuesday by TIM and all unions in the category including Uilcom Uil, Fistel Cisl, Slc Cigl and Ugl.
    Overall, the almost 5,000 workers who will be retiring early will include 1,000 employees whose pension will be paid by the company until they hit retirement age.
    The company and trade unions have also agreed to start talks on September 2018 on issues including employment levels and part-time work.
    Industry and Labour Minister Luigi Di Maio on Tuesday expressed "maximum attention for the agreement and its consequences" saying an "internal referendum" will be necessary to approve it, "a principle at the basis" of his anti-establishment Five-Star Movement (M5S).