Italians left stranded by Monarch (3)

'Not receiving any information' - Rienzi

(ANSA) - Rome, October 2 - Italians are among the thousands of passengers left stranded by the collapse of British airline Monarch, Codacons consumer group said Monday. "Unfortunately, Italian passengers have been hit by the collapse of the British carrier, and those who bought tickets for routes that connect Rome, Naples, Verona, Venice and Turin to the United Kingdom aren't receiving any information on the fate of their flights," said Codacons head Carlo Rienzi, urging alternative services to be set up. The troubled British carrier earlier suspended flights after failing to resolve its financial woes.
    British authorities scrambled to bring home 110,000 travelers after Monarch Airlines collapsed Monday, cancelling all flights by what had been Britain's fifth-biggest carrier.
    The Civil Aviation Authority said it has leased 30 aircraft to transport Monarch customers scattered around holiday destinations ranging from Turkey to Spain and Sweden. Flights will be provided at no additional cost to passengers.