Italy has 'top inactive rate in EU'

Followed by Finland, Lithuania, Holland

(ANSA) - Brussels, February 19 - Italy has the highest rate of economically inactive people aged 15-74 in Europe, according to a Eurostat third quarter 2015 report out Friday.
    Eurostat says a person is economically inactive if he or she is not part of the labour force, based on the International Labour Organisation (ILO) definition. For statistical purposes, inactive people are neither employed nor unemployed, and can include children, students, pensioners and housewives or -men, provided they are not working at all and not available or looking for work.
    In Italy in the second quarter last year, 41.6% of the unemployed aged 15-74 was inactive - more than double the European average of 19.4%, according to Eurostat. Finland had second highest rate of inactivity with 34%, followed by Lithuania at 28.9% and Holland at 27.8%.
    As well, Eurostat reported that 12.9 million Europeans lost their jobs and 3.7 million found work between the second and third quarters last year.
    In Italy, 44.2% lost work and 14.3% found jobs in the same period.
    Tra il secondo e il terzo trimestre 2015, in Europa il 62,7% (12,9 milioni di persone) sono rimaste disoccupate, mentre il 17,9% (3,7 milioni) hanno trovato un'occupazione. In Italia è rimasto disoccupato il 44,2%, mentre il 14,3% ha trovato un'occupazione.