New dating app for the disabled

Devotee already has 1,500 registered users

(ANSA) - Cell phone applications such as Tinder have had great success by facilitating relationships and romantic encounters, but they have not managed to overcome some obstacles, especially regarding people with physical disabilities. Often users take flight when they realise that a potential partner has some form of special need.
    So Ricardo Alonso Jorge created an app, Devotee, a sort of special Tinder, to meet the demands of people with disabilities.
    "The idea stemmed from my separation, because I suffer a physical disability," Jorge told ANSA in an interview. "I wanted to use a dating app for the disabled but there wasn't one, so I decided to create it". The app is also designed for the so-called "devotees", a term describing people who are attracted to individuals with physical disabilities. Shortly after being released, the app has 972 men and 522 women as registered users. "These users have already given 100,002 'likes' and generated 2,369 'matches' using the app," said Devotee's creator and CEO, on the basis of data from June 6. The project, which has been in a test phase since May 2018, will have a 2.0 version next week, with several modifications to boost the user experience.
    "It's an application that will keep growing," its creator said.
    The updated version of Devotee will be released the same week that the International Fair of Technologies for Rehabilitation, Inclusion and Accessibility, Reatech, takes place at the Sao Paulo Expo, June 13-16. The event, which is organized by Cipa Fiera Milano, will bring together 300 exhibitors from various sectors, ranging from recruitment agencies to companies that produce vehicles for the disabled, and the aim is to boost the integration of people with disabilities in society.