Bunker courtroom cleared during anarchist terror trial

Tension in Turin continues after clearance of occupied nursery

(ANSA) - Turin, February 11 - A hearing of trial of 23 anarchists accused of terrorism charges in a 'bunker' court at Turin's Vallette prison had to be suspended and the courtroom cleared due to protests on Monday. Tension is high in the city after the authorities last week cleared a nursery school that had been occupied by anarchists and was alleged being used as a base for terrorism activities. This was followed by clashes during a protest in central Turin on Saturday, in which 11 people were arrested, and more trouble on Sunday during a demonstration outside the Vallette prison.
    The protestors set off and threw flares and a building on a wing of the jail caught fire. On Monday around 50 anarchists managed to disrupt the trial by shouting "hands off the nursery".
    The trial regards suspected members of the Informal Anarchic Federation (FAI) group that planted several bombs between 2005 and 2016 in several parts of the country. These included letter bombs targeting former Bologna Mayor Sergio Cofferati and former Turin Mayor Sergio Chiamparino.