Govt sacks health council board members

'Time for make room for the new' says Minister Grillo

(ANSA) - Rome, December 4 - Health Minister Giulia Grillo said that she has sacked all 30 members of Italy's Higher Health Council (CSS) who were not on the board by virtue of other institutional positions that they hold.
    The CSS is the top body that the health ministry turns to when it needs expert consultation. "We are the government of change. It's time to make room for the new," said Grillo, a member of the 5-Star Movement (M5S).
    Outgoing CSS President Roberta Siliquini expressed surprise.
    "Given the quality of the members that make up the council, I don't see any scientific reason at the base of the decision," said Siliquini, who was appointed in December 2017 and had been meant to stay in the role for three years.