Exhibition on ancient Stabia at Pompeii Antiquarium

Naples superintendent wants Reggia Quisisana as research center

(ANSAmed) - POMPEI (NAPLES), JULY 31 - An exhibition that runs from Tuesday until January 31 will seek to showcase the ancient Stabia in an important archaeological context.
    The show, 'In Search of Stabia', will be open to visitors of the Pompeii Antiquarium.
    The ribbon cutting by director general of the Pompeii archaeological park of Pompeii, Massimo Osanna, was accompanied by the announcement of an imminent concession for usage of the Reggia di Quisisana to the superintendent's office to set up a museum for the Stabiae and a research center on the area that, Osanna said, ''is considered to be of great interest''.
    ''This show brings to light a place that was for too long forgotten. That of the Stabian antiquarium,'' Osanna said, ''which was a glorious place in the 1970s for the extraordinary materials that it contained. It was later closed due to problems with the safety of the building.'' After the ''Pompeii emergency'', Osanna said that the time has come for a new phase that will focus on ''lesser archaeological sites'', although Stabia is not considered among these ''lesser'' ones. The exhibition 'In Search of Stabia' ''is divided into two areas. One shows the funds of the necropolises of Madonna delle Grazie and the other those of the sanctuaries in privately held locations. The material is from the pre-Roman era, Osanna said, noting that in that period Campania was ''a world of wide open to the world and intercultural contacts'', with the inhabitants ''open to Etruscan communities and Greek cities - a world made up of mobility, migration, contacts and culture''. (ANSAmed).