Italferr inaugurates new headquarters in Milan, set to hire

President says we're a piece of Italy that gets things done

(ANSA) - Milan, July 4 - Italferr, the engineering company of the Italian railway FS Group, has a new operating headquarters in Milan, where it will carry out its most important northern Italy infrastructure and railway projects. The new offices in the capital of the Lombardy region will host 140 employees. For the Italian Railway Network, Italferr's Milan offices are working on the planning and high surveillance of work on the infrastructural work underway to build the TEN-T Core Corridors of the Trans-European Transport Network.
    In the Mediterranean Corridor, the company is working on the planning of the Italian route for the high speed Turin-Leone, Brescia-Verona, and Verona-Vicenza rail routes.
    In the Rhine-Alpine Corridor, Italferr has taken on the direction of work on the Third Pass, and is working on strengthening infrastructure and technology in Genoa.
    Finally, in the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor, Italferr is planning priority interventions for the quadrupling of the Fortezza-Verona line, which is the access line from the south to the Brenner Base tunnel.
    "This is a new headquarters that is suitable for the country's largest engineering company," said Italferr CEO Carlo Carganico, during a press conference to present the new headquarters.
    Italferr President Riccardo Maria Monti said that projects from the company's Milan base have a total value of about 25 billion euros.
    "We will hire dozens and dozens of young people; we're a piece of Italy that gets things done," he said.
    photo: Garganico