Euro irreversible says Draghi on Italy (4)

'Don't dramatize" Italian policy decisions

(ANSA) - Rome, June 14 - European Central bank President Mario Draghi said on the Italian political situation Thursday that "the euro is irreversible, because it is strong, because people want it and because it does no one any good to call it into question". He added that it was important "not to dramatize" political events in individual countries and said the markets "did not result in any contagion" after fears of the new Italian government being Euroskeptic. Draghi stressed the importance of political debate remaining "within the limits of EU treaties" and that progress made by countries should not be put at risk.
    "It does not bring any benefit to call the euro into question," Draghi said, "because it is irreversible".
    He said this was valid for Italian Euroskeptic movements and for the dialogue started in Germany by economist Clement Fuest..