Aquarius route changed - SOS Mediterranee

Migrant ship to 'seek shelter' along Sardinian coast due to weather

(ANSA) - Rome, June 14 - The Aquarius has had to change route due to bad weather, SOS Mediterranee, the NGO that operates the migrant-rescue ship, said on Thursday. "#Dattilo, the leading Italian coastguard ship of our convoy, decided to change route," SOS Mediterranee said via Twitter.
    "#Aquarius will proceed along the eastern coast of #Sardinia to seek shelter from bad weather, otherwise unbearable for the rescued people, already exhausted, shocked and seasick".
    The Aquarius was on its way to Valencia with an escort of two Italian ships after the Italian government denied it access to its ports at the weekend in a case that has caused political tension in Europe.
    Most of the over 600 migrants who are on board the Aquarius have been transferred to the escort vessels.