Italian in Kuciak case to be extradited from Slovakia

Antonino Vadalà allegedly linked to 'Ndrangheta,wanted for drugs

(ANSA) - Rome, May 4 - Antonino Vadalà, the allegedly 'Ndrangheta-linked businessman that investigative reporter Jan Kuciak was probing before he was killed, will be extradited from Slovakia to Italy, judicial sources said Friday. Milan Filicko, spokesman for prosecutors in Kosice, said Italy had requested his extradition on drugs charges. Vadalà has agreed to be extradited, a process that will take about 10 days, Czech news agency CTK said.
    The murders of Kuciak and his girlfriend have caused an earthquake in Slovakia and Premier Robert Fico stepped down in mid-March.
    The young investigative journalist was probing the Italian 'Ndrangheta Calabrian mafia's alleged ties to the country's business and political community.
    Fico was replaced by Deputy Premier Peter Pellegrini amid the backlash following the February murders of Kuciak and his fiance'e.
    Vadala', arrested then released in connection with Kuciak's murder, was re-arrested in Slovakia on March 14 in connection with a Venice probe into a Calabria-based organisation that brought drugs from South America into Italy.
    Eleven people were arrested in the probe.
    On March 1 Slovak police arrested entrepreneur Vadala' together with his brother and cousin and four other Italian men in connection with the murders.
    They were released two days later.
    Kuciak's last, unfinished report on suspected 'Ndrangheta links to Slovakia's business and political communities said Vadala' and others had fraudulently used EU funds.
    His former business associate, a former Miss Universe contestant named Premier Fico's assistant, is among those who have quit amid the public indignation over the case and corruption woes, which also brought down the interior minister.