Italians focus on Brazil's economic recovery at EXPOSEC

Security trade fair to bring 800 brands together in Sao Paulo

(ANSA) - Rome, April 13 - The 21st edition of the EXPOSEC international security fair, from May 22 to May 24, will bring the newest innovations in private, personal, public, asset and business security together at the Sao Paulo Expo convention centre.
    The exhibitor list is made up of more than 800 businesses, including various Italian groups, which are aiming at the Brazilian economy's recovery to boost their businesses at the fair, which is organised by Cipa Fiera Milano.
    "We believe in a general recovery of the country's entire economy," said David Girelli, business and marketing director for Peccinin, a business in Limeira that works with gate automation systems, belonging to the Nice Group from Treviso in central-eastern Italy.
    Girelli said Nice's 220-square-metre stand at EXPOSEC is 60% larger than last year, and that the group plans to strengthen its distribution network not only to increase business with regular clients, but also to help its brands (Peccinin, Genno, and Linear will be represented at the fair) expand to new regions in Brazil.
    "In addition it's an excellent opportunity for installers and supplementers to get to know our new solutions and incorporate them into their projects," he said.
    Similar expectations are held by Bycon, the exclusive distributor in Brazil for UR Fog, an Italian business selling fogging systems used for security.
    When activated, the system creates a thick fog that blocks visibility, thus impeding theft.
    "We are very optimistic regarding the Brazilian recovery," said Bycon's Marketing Coordinator Victória Souza.
    "We've started the year off very well and we are working to develop various large projects," she said.
    Another company representing Italy at EXPOSEC is FAAC Group, which will be at the fair with Industrie Rossi, which produces gate actuators in the city of Taguatinga in the country's Federal District.
    Following a successful 2017, the company is coming into 2018 enthusiastic, with the drop in inflation and interest rates.
    "This start of 2018 continues to be hot, and we are predicting a better year than 2017, also thanks to the big launches we'll be making here at the fair," said Sérgio Foresta, business director at Rossi.
    Foresta said EXPOSEC can work as a "bridge to new opportunities" in a country as large as Brazil.
    "There are always businesses that still don't know us or don't work with our products," he said.
    Beta Cavi, which produces cables for surveillance systems, also has expectations for EXPOSEC.
    "We are confident that the fair will generate a lot of business for us; last year, the fair was very important" said Beta Cavi CEO Leila Oliveira.
    Beta Cavi's strategy is not to use the fair for direct sales, but rather to raise awareness of their products in the sector.
    "The expectation for our stand is to have a lot of visits to participate in training courses and seminars, so that visitors can understand they are using a high quality product," she said.
    Products As a representative of UR Fog, Bycon will bring its entire range of fog generators to EXPOSEC, including the brand's star product, the "Fast Pump" series, which was especially created for its high performance.
    "This series is different from the pressure series, which uses cylinders for its releases, because it uses bags or a pump called a 'pump storm'," said Victória Souza.
    Nice is betting on the migration process of the brands Peccinin, Genno and Linear, so that they will develop a unique identity in the more than 100 countries where the company operates.
    "In addition, we will have many innovations in all market segments: automation, security, and access control," Girelli said.
    In the door and gate automation sector, for example, the Italian company will present a series called "Hi-Speed", with "high-speed solutions for residential applications and for condominiums that require an elevated operations cycle," he said.
    "In the alarms line we have expanded the range of the Cloud family, now with an Ethernet/Wifi version, and an exclusive app for installers, adding more agility and programming ease to the product. In terms of access control, we will present the new anti-cloning RFID LN-104N reader, an exclusive on the market," he said.
    Also in this market segment, Rossi will have a big innovation in its range of gate automation solutions for high-traffic locations such as apartment buildings and industrial areas.
    "It's a range that was created in Brazil, but with a large contribution from our FAAC engineers in Italy," Foresta said.
    "With that, we bring to the Brazilian market the know-how of the more than 50 years that FAAC has in the access automation market worldwide," he said.
    In addition, the company will focus on a series called "Bi-Turbo", which brings together automation solutions for opening gates in just five seconds.
    "And we will also present another big innovation that only those who participate in EXPOSEC will see in advance," he said.
    Beta Cavi is focusing on its new KNX cable, which is dedicated to automation and will be the company's main launch.
    "There are many cables that do not transmit what the video camera effectively captures, so we want to make our clients aware of how our product is used," said Leila Oliveira.