Recovered Sabine chariot on show at parliament

Witnesses of Civilisation exhibition at Montecitorio

(ANSA) - Rome, January 23 - A recovered 6th-century BC Sabine prince's chariot is one of the exhibits in a show titled Witnesses of Civilisation at Montecitorio in the Italian parliament until the end of February.
    The superb Chariot of Eretum was taken by tomb raiders at the end of the 1960s and sent back to Italy after long negotiations by a Copenhagen museum in 2016.
    The show also highlights works saved from the 2016 earthquakes in central Italy such as a Tiepolo from a church in the Marche town of Camerino, as well as a funerary relief from Palmyra that was smuggled out of Syria and recovered from an Asti home in 2011. Other coups by Italy's crack art cops on show include magnificent coral works stolen from the Roman convent of Santa Maria in Aracoeli in 1986 and found in a market where some of them had been turned into lampshades.