Pisapia realised there was no chance - Prodi

'Not all omelettes come out right' says ex-PM

(ANSA) - Rome, December 7 - Former Milan mayor Giuliano Pisapia realised there was no chance of forging an alliance with the ruling centre-left Democratic Party (PD) when he gave up trying to involve his now-defunct Progressive Field (CP), former centre-left premier Romano Prodi said Thursday. Pisapia did not commit a "defection because Pisapia had not decided, he had studied the field and then concluded that there was no chance," Prodi said.
    He compared Pisapia's failed effort with another failed effort, by PD grandee Piero Fassino, to bring Prodi back into the field as a unifying candidate.
    But Prodi said the effort to create a coalition around the PD "would continue because it is an important process, useful to the country.
    "Pisapia explored and did not find in himself or the group motivation to go forward, and I'm sorry about that," said the two-time former premier and ex-European Commission president.
    "Not all omelettes come out right," Prodi added.
    The PD is going ahead in trying to ally with a few small leftwing groups including former European commissioner Emma Boninio's +Europa.