Naples inspires new edition of Monopoly board game

Part of a new series featuring major European cities

(ANSA) - Naples, November 10 - The board game Monopoly, created 70 years ago and drawing inspiration from Atlantic City, now has a version based on the Italian city of Naples.
    The producers have in fact decided to launch 'personalised' editions based on the main European cities, starting from the southern Italian city. Naples was chosen over Florence and Venice because "in this period it is a fashionable city", said Fausto Cerutti, Italy country manager for Winning Moves, which holds the rights to the local editions of the game in Europe. The board features 22 city streets, from Piazza Municipio to Viale Kennedy, as well as elements of local culture.
    "However, in creating the game we were careful to avoid stereotypes, so there are no pizzas, mandolins and spaghetti.
    Forty people worked on the game for over 6 months." 12,000 copies have been produced to begin with and many have already been reserved.