17 arrested as Palermo Mafia clan decapitated (3)

Borgo Vecchio clan smashed

(ANSA) - Palermo, November 10 - Italian police on Friday arrested 17 people saying they had "decapitated" a Palermo Mafia clan.
    The arrested are accused of mafia association, extortion, attempted murder, robbery, illegal weapons possession and falsely claiming goods and property.
    The operation is a continuation of others against the 'mandamento' of Porta Nuova over the last six years and enabled police to decapitate the Borgo Vecchio clan, police told reporters.
    The make-up and dynamics of the clan were reconstructed thanks to wiretaps and testimony from informants, police said.
    Police said they had found the "master book" detailing all the clan's activities.
    The investigation showed that the clan was led by Elio Ganci, police said.
    Ganci was released from jail two years ago after serving time for mafia and extortion.
    The investigation also shed light on a shoot-out on March 4, 2015, in the central square of the quarter.
    It was between two rival factions trying to get control of the clan, police said.
    The probe also revealed the perpetrators of a robbery on June 26, 2011, when the victim was injured by shots.