Nutella hasn't changed assures Ferrero

Only skimmed milk replaced whey

(ANSA) - Turin, November 9 - Nutella makers Ferrero on Thursday assured consumers that the recipe for the famed hazelnut-flavoured chocolate spread had changed after a German consumer association raised a social-media storm, stressing that in August a small amount of whey had been replaced with an equivalent amount of powdered skimmed milk. "We can reassure all Nutella fans," the Turin-based candy-maker told ANSA, "that its recipe, unique and delicious, remains what we know and love, with the same high-quality criteria." It said "in Italy, the content of hazelnuts, cocoa, and sugar remains unchanged. In August we restricted ourselves to replacing whey with an equivalent amount of powdered skimmed milk, (2.1 grammes per 100)".