Giffoni Experience at the Balkan Film Marketß

Director Gubitosi to meet 150 young people in Bologna Tuesday

(ANSA) - Salerno, October 9 - The director of Giffoni Experience, Claudio Gubitosi, has taken part in the Balkan Film Market (Bfm), the first forum-market devoted to audiovisuals, in the Albanian capital Tirana.
    Gubitosi took part within the context of the three-sided meeting Giffoni/Albania/Macedonia. "The Balkan Film Market was chosen as a strategic initiative that is able to bring together thousands of experts in the film and audiovisual sector in European countries and the western Balkans," he said.
    "Giffoni was the first cultural reality in the world to visit Albania way back in 1984, when the country was still under a dictatorship, presenting and promoting the cinema of this beautiful country, which was so close and yet totally unknown.
    Since then we have never ceased to work together and cooperate.
    In addition, for 11 years now we have invested energy, passion and professionalism to create the 'Giffoni Albania' Festival," Gubitosi concluded.
    The Gex director is now to meet 150 under 35s in Bologna to talk about cultural and social innovation as part of a two-day meeting to mark the 11th anniversary of the Foundation 'Con il Sud'. The will take part in an initiative at the Opificio Golinelli involving four themed workshops aiming to bring out the needs and opinions of the new generations faced with the idea of tomorrow.
    Speakers include Carlo Borgomeo, president of the Foundation "Con il Sud", Giuseppe Guzzetti, president of Acri, Claudia Fiaschi, spokesperson of the Forum Terzo settore, sociologist Domenico De Masi, Gubitosi, anthropologist and journalist Geneviève Makaping and journalist and writer Paolo Pagliaro.
    photo: Gubitosi in 2008