Italy's oldest amusement park reopens in Rome

Luneur first opened in 1953, has been closed for 8 years

(ANSA) - Rome, October 26 - The oldest amusement park in Italy, Rome's Luneur in the city's southern EUR district, is set to reopen on October 27 after eight years of closure.
    As part of its opening-day festivities, the park will try to clinch a Guinness World Record for most pinwheels in a field, together with 1,500 young guests.
    The park is designed to attract visitors ages 0-13, with traditional rides and games as well as areas reserved for mothers to breastfeed, child-size bathrooms, seminars for expectant mothers, a playroom and programmes for school field trips.
    "We've looked after every detail, from the services to the sets to the green areas, protected and enhanced," said Antonio Abete, president of the Luneur Park company.
    The park will host Halloween events from October 29 through November 2, and promises other seasonal activities throughout the year, such as water games during warm-weather months.
    The seven-hectare Luneur originally opened as a botanical garden in 1953 for the Rome Agricultural Expo, and was a popular attraction in the city throughout the 1970s, 80s and 90s.
    There are 25 attractions as well as the garden, plus areas dedicated to activities like gardening workshops, interactive fairytales, two adventure trails and a yellow-brick maze inspired by The Wizard of Oz.
    "It's an innovative project for a modern city, with everything aimed at safety and fun," said park CEO Filippo Chiusano.