Strike authority queries Milan on wildcat taxi strike

Drivers 'up in arms over UberPOP' says official

(ANSA) - Milan, May 4 - The national strike guarantee authority on Wednesday asked Milan authorities about an ongoing taxi drivers' wildcat strike. "We urgently need information on media reports about a sudden stoppage of taxi services in Milan," the authority said in a letter to the city's mayor and its prefect. "We will ascertain the manner in which the stoppage was carried out". The strike at the city's Stazione Centrale rail station and its Linate airport has been ongoing for the past several hours.
    Milan City Councillor for Security and Social Cohesion Marco Granelli explained that the taxi drivers are up in arms about an alleged transport ministry directive "they say is stopping police from fining UberPOP drivers". UberPOP is a ride-sharing non-profit car service in which locals drive people around and passengers split the fares.