Jubilee terror threat cannot be eliminated, ROS chief says

Police, intelligence working to reduce the risk, Governale adds

(ANSA) - Rome, November 12 - Police and intelligence services are doing their best to lower the risk of terrorism during the upcoming Holy Jubilee of Mercy but cannot eliminate entirely the possibility of attack, the commander of Italy's special operations unit (ROS) General Giuseppe Governale said Thursday. "Prevention activities have the greatest return and in this way we can reduce the risks," Governale said. "For this reason there is constant monitoring of those people who operate clandestinely and become radicalised. But this does not eliminate the risks. No one is able to eliminate them," the general added. Governale was echoed by department of security information (DIS) chief Giampiero Massolo.
    "The higher the level of exposure the higher the risk," said Massolo with respect to Italy's greater visibility during the Jubilee. "However there are no specific attacks planned that we know about. We are concerned but not alarmed," he added. "The greatest threat is presented by lone wolves, individual actions, people who become radicalised in the privacy of their own home and then, perhaps with a few friends, carry out terror attacks," Massolo concluded.