'Iran nuke deal opportunity for region' says Gentiloni (3)

'Italy satisfied' minister says

(ANSA) - Rome, July 14 - Tuesday's nuclear deal with Iran is the harbinger of "positive new opportunities for the Iranian people and the region", said Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni. The deal lays out "a path to normalize relations (between Iran and) the international community, which can also affect the resumption of regular economic and trade relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran". Speaking to reporters in Beirut, the minister added "Italy is satisfied" with the deal. Italy "has always supported this negotiation," Gentiloni added. "We will be active in the coming months to consolidate this result and to reassure those countries that perceive it in a negative way".
    The minister went on to say that normalizing relations with Iran will be good for the world at large.
    "I believe that this accord will generate positive effects on a global level and in the region, in terms of the evolution of the various crises areas and also to face the common threat that is violent extremism and terrorism".
    The minister is in Lebanon for a one-day mission.