• Femen protester topless against Vatican abortion stance

Femen protester topless against Vatican abortion stance

Plain-clothes officers prevent arrival in St Peter's

(ANSA) - Rome, December 19 - A protester from the Ukraine-based feminist group FEMEN was detained by police for demonstrating topless near St Peter's Square Thursday. On her arm the word "abortion" was written in red. As tourists and reporters snapped photos, plain-clothes officers covered her and prevented her from reaching St Peter's. She was shouting pro-choice slogans as police put her inside a squad car. During the conclave that elected Pope Francis in March, a FEMEN protester was arrested for bearing her breasts in St Peter's Square and shouting "Pope no more!". In February, shortly after Benedict XVI announced his abdication, eight bare-chested members of the group stormed Notre Dame cathedral in Paris to "celebrate the pope's farewell".