Salvini meets Donald Trump

Tycoon 'told League leader he hopes he becomes premier'

Redazione ANSA New York
(ANSA) - New York, April 26 - Matteo Salvini, the leader of the right-wing Northern League party, met Donald Trump in Philadelphia at the fringes of a rally for the tycoon's Republican primary campaign, ANSA sources said on Tuesday. The meeting in the Wilkes-Barre district lasted around 20 minutes, the sources said. Salvini was accompanied by Amato Berardi, the president of NIA-PAC (National Italian American Political Action Committee), an organization that promotes Italian culture, language and traditions in the United States. Salvini sat among a group of supporters holding a banner reading "Trump. Make America Great Again" and the pair posed for photos at the end of the meeting, sources said. Participants at the meeting told ANSA that Trump said "Matteo, I hope you become prime minister of Italy soon".