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GO2025! Gorizia-Nova Gorizia Culture Capital logo unveiled

European landmark for the coming three years

05 July, 12:11
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, JUL 5 - 'Go! 2025 Go! Borderless' is the stylized white lettering on a blue-green background that will be the universally recognized logo of Nova Gorica and Gorizia Capital European Capital of Culture 2025.

The presentation - which took place late yesterday afternoon - was attended by the mayors of Gorica and Nova Gorica, Rodolfo Ziberna and Klemen Miklavi, along with the president and the director of GO EGCT, Paolo Petiziol, and Romina Kocina, and was held at Morassi House - Casa Panizzolo in Borgo Castello in Gorizia.

The logo is a work by "But maybe Studio," and three young people from Bologna. It will be the "messenger" that should help enhance and promote the 2025 event, which will take place in two cities that the war had divided with a wall: Gorizia on one side, in Italy, Nova Gorica on the other, in former Yugoslavia, now in Slovenia. (ANSA).

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