Rome waste collection, public transport get fail grades

Rome's waste collection received a very low mark, 3.7 out of 10, from Romans in 2017, Italy's Authority for Services said Monday. It said the waste service was "close to a passing grade between 2009 and 2012 but then showed a continuous loss in satisfaction".


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Francis expresses concern about situation regarding city

Respect status quo in Jerusalem - Pope

Francis expresses concern about situation regarding city with Trump set to recognize it as Israel's capital.

Pope Francis' General Audience

'Not just being polite' says at St Martha's House

Being humble means accepting humiliation like Christ - Pope

Being humble means accepting humiliation like Christ, Pope Francis told a Mass in the Vatican Tuesday.

'Thank you for travelling 2 days' tells faithful

Pope says Mass in Bangladesh, set to meet Rohingya

Pope Fracis said a historic Mass on the second day of his visit to Bangldesh Friday and was set to meet a group of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.

Does not name them as Rohingya

Pope thanks Bangladesh for helping 'Rakhine people'

Does not name them as Rohingya.

Need for common witness by religious leaders says Francis

Let's speak with one voice for peace-pope tells Buddhists in Myanmar

Need for common witness by religious leaders says Francis.

Father Rosario disappeared in Bonpara on Monday afternoon

Priest goes missing in Bangladesh before Pope's visit

A Catholic priest has gone missing in Bonpara in the northern district of Natore on the eve of the pope's visit to Bangladesh, the Daily Star reported Tuesday.

Cardinal says warned Francis not to use term 'Rohingya'

Pope Francis arrives in Myanmar

Cardinal says warned Francis not to use term 'Rohingya'.

28m spruce from Poland

Vatican Christmas tree put up in St Peter's Square

The Vatican's annual Christmas tree was put up in St Peter's Square Thursday. This year's tree is a 28m spruce from Elk in Poland.

Don't stay huddled up warming oneself

Give others fire of charity Pope tweets

Pope Francis tweeted Wednesday: "When we meet others, do we bring them the fire of charity or do we remain huddled up warming ourselves in front of the fireplace?" ...

At St Martha's House

Ideological colonisation blasphemy says Pope

Ideological colonisation is blasphemy, Pope Francis said Tuesday. Speaking at a Mass in St Martha's House, the Vatican hostel he lives in, the pope also said the Eucharist was not a reward for the good but a medicine for the weak.

'Roads turned into F1 tracks' tells road cops

Don't drive on the phone says Pope Francis

Pope Francis on Monday slammed the "scant sense of responsibility" of people who endanger themselves and others by phoning while they are driving.

Thinking about death is not a gruesome fantasy

Good to think about death says Pope Francis

Thinking about death is not a 'gruesome fantasy' 

Francis sends message to COP-23 conference in Bonn

Pope blasts climate-change denial

Pope Francis has criticised people who deny that climate change is caused by human behaviour in a message to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-23) conference in Bonn.

Francis post on @Pontifex

Nothing can block out light of Christ - papal tweet

Pope Francis said Tuesday that "Nothing and nobody can block the light that Christ puts in our hearts and on the face of His friends" in a post on the papal Twitter account, @Pontifex.

Pontiff's donation provides money for seeds

Pope Francis gift helps hungry in South Sudan - FAO

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said Monday that hungry families in South Sudan will be able to make ends meet thanks to vegetable-growing kits funded by a donation from Pope Francis.

Nobel prize winners appeal for end to nukes

Stop nuclear weapons says pope

Pope Francis told a Vatican symposium on nuclear disarmament Friday that nuclear weapons must be stopped because they posed a threat to humankind.

Christians have flair for avoiding 'roped parties'

Pope warns against power of corruption

Pope Francis on Friday prayed for the corrupt, "that they might find the way out of the prison that they wanted to enter".

Pontiff says it saddens him when people take photos during Mass

Pope Francis says lift hearts, not cell phones

Pope Francis at his general audience Wednesday reproached those who take photos with their cell phones during Mass.

Both married with children

Pope appoints two women undersecs of laity, family dicastery

Pope Francis has appointed two women as under-Secretaries of the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, the Vatican said on Tuesday.

At St Martha's House

God's gifts 'irrevocable' says Pope Francis

God's gifts are irrevocable, Pope Francis said at morning Mass in the Vatican Monday. "When God gives a gift, it is irrevocable: He does not give something one day, and take it away the next.