EC looking at 2016 reforms - sources

The European Commission is examining the economic reforms Italy undertook in 2016, EU sources told ANSA on Monday. The sources said that, "at first sight", Italy has not respected a plan presented to the EC.

MSF 'indignant' over migrant-rescue accusations


Medical-aid charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hit back on Monday at those who have suggested migrant-rescue operations in the Mediterranean by NGOs could be benefiting human traffickers.




Cycling: Italy mourns Scarponi after fatal accident

TopNews. Italian sport is mourning 2011 Giro d'Italia champion Michele Scarponi, who was killed in a collision with a van while training in the area of his home at Filottrano, near Ancona, on Saturday.


MotoGP: Rossi goes top of standings

TopNews. Italy's Valentino Rossi is top of the MotoGP standings after coming second to Marc Marquez at the Grand Prix of the Americans in Austin Texas on Sunday.

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Holy See not 'worried' about security of trip

Pope Francis won't use armoured car in Egypt - Vatican

Pope Francis will not use an armoured car during his visit to Egypt later this week, Vatican Spokesman Greg Burke told reporters on Monday. "The pope will use a closed car to move around, but not an armoured one.

Francis to oversee canonisation in Portugal

'Little shepherds' of Fatima to be made saints May 13

The 'little shepherds' of Fatima, Francisco and Giacinta, will be made saints on May 13, Pope Francis announced at a consistory Thursday, setting the date for around 30 canonisations.

'Hope after attack horror' - Monteduro

ACN to bring 3,000 young Egyptians to see pope

Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) will bring 3,000 young Egyptian Christians to see Pope Francis during his Cairo trip on April 28-29, the pontifical association said Tuesday.

Every day

Read the Gospel on Resurrection tweets pope

Pope Francis tweeted Tuesday that "in this Easter week it will do us good to read every day a piece of the Gospel that talks about the Resurrection of Christ.

God's heart overflows with mercy

Get out of confines tweets pope

Pope Francis tweeted Thursday that "it's good for us to get out of our confines, because it is the Heart of God that overflows with mercy, overbrims, spreading its tenderness".

Greedy are never sated Francis tells general audience

Love is engine that moves life, like for mothers - Pope Francis

Pope Francis said Wednesday love is the "engine" that moves life, "like for mothers." Mothers suffer but then they are "joyous because they have given life," Francis told his weekly general audience in a sunny St Peter's Square.

Francis will be welcome says advisor

No risk for pope in Egypt - al-Azhar

Francis will be welcome says advisor after bomb attacks on Coptic churches.

After barbers', showers in St Peter's

Pope's laundry for Rome homeless opens

Pope Francis has opened a laundry for the homeless in Rome. Six washing machines, six driers and six irons have been set up in the Sant'Egidio community's central Roman site with the help of Procter and Gamble.

Interfaith dialogue to help them

Media must explain migrants - Pope Francis

The media must explain migrant issues and not call them illegals, Pope Francis said Friday. The pope also called for interfaith dialogue to boost Churchs' roles in helping migrants.

At Paliano jail near Frosinone south of Rome

Pope Francis to wash inmates' feet Holy Thursday

 Ceremony at Paliano jail near Frosinone south of Rome

Prince gives pontiff farm produce, gets olive branch, encyclical

Charles and Camilla meet Pope Francis

Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall spent a day in Rome Tuesday, meeting Pope Francis and Italian officials.

Carries out vendettas because have no hope

Mafia thinks you can beat evil with evil - Pope Francis

The mafia thinks you can beat evil with evil, Pope Francis said at his general audience Wednesday. "They carry out vendettas because they have no hope," he added.

After confessions were OK'd

Lefebvrian marriages can be recognised - Pope

Pope Francis said Tuesday that marriages celebrated by the followers of the late schismatic bishop Marcel Lefebvre could be recognised.

Francis blasts disparity between haves and have-nots

Eliminating inequality only way to ensure peace - pope

Pope Francis told a conference on human development in the Vatican on Tuesday that it was necessary to combat inequality to ensure peace.

But US system may also revise his choices

Vatican not agst Trump says Turkson

Cardinal Peter Turkson, the Vatican's Prefect for the Dicastery of Integral Human Development, on Friday denied the Vatican was against US President Donald Trump. "Pitting the Vatican against President Trump is rather exaggerated," Turkson told ANSA.

Distance self from errors, Francis tells conference participants

Recognise the positive in Luther's reforms - pope

The Catholic Church should recognise the "positive" elements in the Reformation sparked by martin Luther, Pope Francis said Friday. Francis said the Church should "distance itself from errors" and reject prejudices and ideological clashes.

Need to find mother and father

Kids alone on migrant boats 'half-orphans' - Pope Francis

Pope Francis said Thursday that "speaking of orphans, there are the new half-orphans, those migrants, young people, kids who come to our lands alone, and need to find fathers and mothers.

Italian Coast Guard rescues migrants

At 17:00

Pope to receive Charles and Camilla Tuesday

Pope Francis will receive Charles Prince of Wales and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall in private audience at 17:00 next Tuesday, April 4, the Vatican said Wednesday.

'I feel united in suffering through prayer' says Argentine pontiff

Pope Francis appeals for civilians trapped in Mosul

Pope Francis made an appeal for civilians trapped in Mosul during his weekly general audience on Wednesday as Iraqi forces continue the drive to liberate the city from ISIS.

Pontiff sends message to UN Conference

Pope Francis says world without nuclear weapons is possible

Francis sends message to UN Conference.