ANSA, recognizing the significance of the widespread use of artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as AI) in various fields of activity—including the collection, analysis, production, and distribution of journalistic content across multiple platforms-acknowledges the importance of promptly addressing the challenges related to the use of AI systems and the ethical issues that arise from them.

This AI policy is based on: the principles and guidelines defined and being defined in European and national legislation, the principles of strict independence, impartiality, and objectivity enshrined in the Statute, and those contained in ANSA's Code of Ethics.

ANSA promotes an open and attentive approach to the possibilities offered by AI, which can serve as a support tool for the work of Editorial Offices and not as a surrogate. It aims to keep pace with technological progress while preserving the centrality of the human person, their dignity, and the fundamental rights enshrined in our Constitution and International Conventions.


General Principles

a) Legality and Ethics:
In conducting its activities, ANSA adheres to the principles outlined in the preamble and uses AI systems in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, its Statute and Code of Ethics, its editorial standards, and the ethical principles of the journalistic profession.

b) Human Supervision:
ANSA uses AI systems in a manner that ensures respect for fundamental rights without diminishing, limiting, or misleading human autonomy. AI systems provided to editorial offices operate on predefined and validated data sets and are used as support in performing journalistic activities to aid in the classification and retrieval of fresh and archival content, and to suggest ideas for writing textual content. The use of AI-proposed content occurs under human supervision and with final editing/control by an editor.
ANSA does not use AI systems for generating images or videos.

c) Reliability and Transparency:
ANSA uses AI algorithms securely to minimize the risks of errors and distortions.
ANSA places the utmost attention on the security of processed data and compliance with privacy and copyright regulations.
ANSA collaborates with other news agencies and international associations that share similar approaches to AI usage.

d)Involvement and Training:
ANSA encourages its employees to consider the possibilities offered by AI with awareness and without prejudice, and to provide suggestions for its use in our workflows. Transparency, openness, and process documentation are fundamental. ANSA organizes training programs and other information and awareness initiatives to increase knowledge of AI tools and raise awareness of proper attention in their use.


The recipients of this policy are all ANSA employees. ANSA requires its collaborators and suppliers to propose content that is an original creation of the author and binds collaborators and suppliers of content and related services to comply with the provisions of this AI Policy, as applicable to each relationship.