'Global citizenship' at G7 University

Science is not an opinion but shared heritage says professor

Redazione ANSA Udine
(ANSA) - Udine, June 29 - Professor Manuel Tunon de Lara, president of the University of Bordeaux, said Thursday that education for all was a key theme for the Group of Seven countries, speaking on the first day of the G7 University event. "I think it is very important that G7 countries discuss the theme of education for everybody because we must find solutions and proposals to approve together", the academic said at the event, which runs until Friday. Tunon de Lara is taking part in a round table 1 on global citizenship, one of four round tables organized during the summit titled "G7 University - University education for all. Actions for a sustainable future". "I think that universities, along with the legal and national dimension of citizenship, should increasingly deal with the construction of a global citizenship which in turn must be based on an education grounded on scientific knowledge", he added. "As highlighted by the World March to Defend Science held last April in 70 countries, it is urgent today more than ever to pay attention to this issue because otherwise the independence of science and research could be in jeopardy", concluded the president. He noted that universities need to provide an education "based on science, which is not an opinion but a heritage of results shared by all countries and all universities worldwide".