G7: Universities 'driver' of development

'G7 University for sustainable future' in Udine June 29-30

Redazione ANSA Rome
(ANSA) - Rome, May 19 - Universities are the driver of sustainable development and global citizenship in every corner of the globe, the conference of Italian university deans (CRUI) said on Thursday. "Universities were established long before nation states," added the deans during the presentation of "G7 University - University education for all. Actions for a sustainable future", which will take place in the northern city of Udine June 29-30. Over 150 deans, lecturers and students from the G7 countries are expected to take part in the initiative, which comes under the auspices of the Italian festival of knowledge - 'Conoscenza in Festa'. It will be "a great opportunity to make education the most powerful tool for liberating people and societies and building a peaceful and just future", CRUI secretary general Alberto De Toni said. The meeting is to revolve around four main themes - education and sustainability, global citizenship, universities, culture and society, and universities and economic development - leading to a final manifesto setting out what universities "can and must do to build a sustainable future", De Toni said. The education ministry and the Friuli Venezia Giulia region are partners in the initiative.