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Railway chief says he is waiting for new offer from Renzi

Moretti has 'confidence' in premier's efforts to boost economy

25 March, 14:17
Railway chief says he is waiting for new offer from Renzi (See related) (ANSA) - Milan, March 25 - Italian railways executive Mauro Moretti said Tuesday that he is waiting hear what "proposals" on his controversial pay package will come from Premier Matteo Renzi.

"I will see if he can convince me," to remain with the State-controlled Ferrovie dello Stato following a review of Moretti's salary of 873,666 euros per year, which has triggered concerns about too wide a gap between the country's highest and lowest paid employees.

Moretti, who last week warned that he might consider employment elsewhere, said that he would continue to work in Italy.

He also pointed out that his predecessors earned even more than he has, with salaries exceeding one million euros.

Renzi has said that he plans to cap public-sector managers' salaries below the benchmark of President Giorgio Napolitano's salary of 248,000 euros, as part of a broader plan to redirect as much as five billion euros in government spending to areas that will stimulate economic growth. Despite the salary debate, Moretti said he had confidence in Renzi's efforts as he "seeks to vigorously stimulate a country that needs it".

"We should support him because the challenges...are powerful and we must work together if Italy is to not succumb," he added.