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Public-sector salary caps under review, govt says

Premier wants no one making more than the president

25 March, 13:35
Public-sector salary caps under review, govt says (see related) (ANSA) - Rome, March 25 - Simplification Minister Marianna Madia said Tuesday that the supreme Court of Cassation was reviewing a government motion on salary caps for public-sector managers. Madia said the cap also covers public-sector pensions and annuities. Premier Matteo Renzi has said he plans to cap salaries below the quarter of a million euros Italian President Giorgio Napolitano gets.

Some of the fattest cats in Italy's bloated public sector earn three or four times what the head of State is paid.

Giovanni Giorgio Tempini, CEO of government saving and loan trust Cassa Depositi e Prestiti takes home 1.035 million euros every year, compared to Napolitano's annual stipend of 248,000 euros.

Italian railways chief Mauro Moretti gets 873,666 euros a year.

Speaking at a conference in Rome on public-sector pay, Madia said she wants to see "healthy, compulsory (job) mobility, where the rights of the worker are respected, where there are no bureaucratic obstacles".