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Prison guards probed for alleged abuse

'Racially abused, beat inmates, turned off heating'

25 March, 10:55
Prison guards probed for alleged abuse (ANSA) - Vicenza, March 25 - Some 15 prison guards were put under investigation for allegedly abusing inmates in the northeastern city of Vicenza. Inmates pressed charges after complaining of alleged beatings and inhumane treatment such as turning off the heating and racial abuse. Italy has recently been under the microscope for its treatment of inmates, which are kept in some of Europe's most overcrowded cells. Last year the European Court of Human Rights ordered Italy to shape up its prisons by May 27.

Last month the Council of Europe asked the Italian government to draw up a plan with alternative solutions, including preventative measures, and to report back with a time frame for their execution.

It also asked it to outline the measuring system that was to be used to determine if the measures had been successful, or not.

The Council of Europe will re-examine the matter again in June.