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Puglia pastry chef offers a sweet welcome for Obama

U.S. president's visit to Italy this week triggers treats

24 March, 15:57
Puglia pastry chef offers a sweet welcome for Obama (ANSA) - Lecce, March 24 - Puglia pastry chef Angelo Bisconti says he will bake and then give away 5,000 special chocolate "pasticiotti" pastries in Rome on Thursday in honor of US President Barack Obama's visit. Bisconti says he will set up a food truck in the area of the US Embassy on Via Veneto filled with "Pasticiotti Obama", his own particular chocolate versions of Salento pastry.

Bisconti, a huge fan of Obama, said that giving away the pastries "is a symbol of welcome to the president". He created this particular treat five years ago.

That's when Bisconti added a dash of innovation to the region's traditional custard pastry by mixing in cocoa and thus creating the "Pasticciotto Obama", Obama cake. The cakes quickly gained in popularity, expanding from about 50 pieces produced daily in January 2009 to now exceed 15,000 pieces every week. The city of Campi Salentina, near Lecce in southeastern Italy, was so proud it has taken the honourary name: "Campi Salentina, City of Obama Cakes" and posted this at the city's entrance.

Bisconti said his plan is to give away treats as a sign of "respect to this person who changed my life and to whom I owe my professional luck".

He even hopes he might have a chance to at least catch a glimpse of his hero.

"I know it will be difficult to meet him in person, but I will be there".