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German chancellor talks gas supply at EU summit

There is some uncertainty due to Ukraine conflict, says Merkel

21 March, 16:41
German chancellor talks gas supply at EU summit (ANSA) - Brussels, March 21 - German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Friday that there is "some uncertainty" about European gas supplies as tensions grow over the crisis in Ukraine.

"So far, we have not had a negative experience," Merkel said at the end of a European Union summit where sanctions against Russia were on the agenda.

"(However) if I look at some of my colleague's discussions, there is a certain degree of uncertainty (among them)," about future natural gas supplies, she said.

During the two-day summit, the chancellor warned Russia about the possibility of escalating sanctions should there be no resolution to the Crimean situation and asked for a "determined response of Europe and its partners". European Union leaders have said they intend to reduce reliance on Russian energy supplies after Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly signed a document ratifying a treaty making Crimea a part of Russia.