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Paolo Ligresti trial to be transferred to Milan

Son of disgraced patriarch accused of market manipulation, fraud

18 March, 12:02
Paolo Ligresti trial to be transferred to Milan (ANSA) - Turin, March 18 - A preliminary hearings judge ruled Tuesday that the trial of Paolo Ligresti, son of a fallen patriarch of an Italian insurance and real-estate dynasty, should be held in Milan, not Turin.

Paola Boemio upheld a request from Ligresti's defence lawyer asking for the case to be transferred on grounds the press release behind alleged market manipulation at the troubled Fonsai insurance group formerly controlled by the Ligresti family was sent from the Lombardy capital. Paolo Ligresti faces charges of alleged accounting fraud and market manipulation at Fonsai that enabled the family to acquire illegal dividends of 200 million euros.

His father Salvatore and sister Jonella also face similar charges in separate trials, while his other sister Giulia has already been handed a sentence of two years and eight months following a plea-bargain.

The family came under additional scrutiny last year because of allegations that then justice minister Anna Maria Cancelleri used her influence to see Giulia Ligresti released from jail into house arrest.

Cancelleri denied any wrongdoing, saying she had acted on humanitarian grounds as the woman suffered from anorexia and depression.

However Rome prosecutors recently placed her under investigation for alleged perjury.