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Almost 300 million euros collected under tax amnesty

About 75,000 Italians pay outstanding bills to Equitalia

07 March, 14:35
Almost 300 million euros collected under tax amnesty (ANSA) - Rome, March 7 - About 75,000 Italians have taken advantage of a brief amnesty period to pay up outstanding tax bills of about 300 million euros, tax collection agency Equitalia said Friday.

The amnesty, which allows tax payers who have been avoiding their bills to come clean without penalty, continues until the end of March and applies to personal income tax and value-added taxes.

The amnesty was launched in the latest stability law of former premier Enrico Letta and was extended by an additional month to reach more tardy taxpayers.

Italy's longstanding problems with tax payments are well-known and in January, finance police said that in 2013 alone they uncovered almost 52 billion euros of undeclared - and untaxed - Italian revenues.