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TAV Chiomonte tunnel work is 6 months ahead of schedule

Infrastructure minister makes comment on high-speed rail works

06 March, 17:04
TAV Chiomonte tunnel work is 6 months ahead of schedule (ANSA) - Chiomonte (Turin), March 6 - The digging works for the creation of a 7.5 kilometre tunnel in Chiomonte, Northern Italy, that is to form a wider project linking up Italy and France with high-speed train services are six months ahead of schedule, according to comments made by infrastructure minister Maurizio Lupi during a visit to the area on Thursday.

The works are "six months ahead of schedule, and if they carry on like this they could well finish by the end of 2015", he said. The high-speed-rail project between France and Italy has triggered a spate of violent protests across Italy, led by the 'No TAV' group which is based near the tunnel location in Turin and the Val di Susa area. Often, at demonstrations, they have used stones, firecrackers and other explosive devices to illustrate their anger at the plans which they say are too costly and also environmentally damaging. In other instances they have physically clashed with the police and disrupted highway traffic.

Several members of the anti-TAV movement who oppose the cost and environmental damage of the railway between Lyon and Turin have already been sent to prison for 2010 protests.